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Southern Energy Solution Installation Group


 "Go solaR: The Right Way To Power"


About Us

Southern Energy Solution Installation Group represents "smart energy going forward", and is dedicated to providing the highest quality solar services to all customers. As industry leaders, it is our goal to provide our customers with affordable and effective methods towards acquiring a valuable long-term investment.

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Our Services

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Solar Residential

Add more value to your home & increase your savings. Our solar panels give your home a sleek look while operating at the highest level of efficiency.

Solar Commercial

Earn a return on your investment in our solar services & gain more control over your company energy bill. Conquer unpredictable energy rate hikes.

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A man checking,repair solar module syste


Southern Energy will create a customized quote to suit your solar service needs. Any service provided will be completed in a seamless & timely manner.

Repair & Maintenance

 Though solar panels are typically low maintenance, we ensure that there is not any debris or damages that could obstruct the sun's rays. 

Solar Cell Energy Environmental Power Ge

 Professionals You Can Trust


Superior knowledge & expertise

100% Satisfaction rate

Creating Growth, value & high-quality outcomes

Perks of Going Solar


 Save Money


Reduce your monthly electric bill in half


Protect our planet

Combat greenhouse emissions, dependence on fossil fuel & gain renewable power from the sun

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 decrease taxes

Lower your amount of taxes owed



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